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√Goats Head Soup (2020 Deluxe CD + "Goat Head" T-Shirt) von The Rolling Stones - CD Bundle jetzt im Rolling Stones Shop

Goats Head Soup (2020 Deluxe CD + "Goat Head" T-Shirt)

Article no.: 133642
Release on: 09/04/2020
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Product Type: CD Bundle

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2020 Deluxe CD + "Goat Head" T-Shirt (100% Cotton)

Spec: 2CD digi, no trays, 3 pockets, 20-page booklet

Another prized jewel in the Rolling Stones' unmatched catalogue is restored to its full glory. Features the new stereo album mix, sourced from the original session files. The 2020 Deluxe edition features three previously unreleased tracks, Scarlet, All The Rage & Criss Cross.


2020 Stereo Mix 

  1. Dancing With Mr D
  2. 100 Years Ago
  3. Coming Down Again
  4. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
  5. Angie
  6. Silver Train
  7. Hide Your Love
  8. Winter
  9. Can You Hear The Music
  10. Star Star

Rarities & Alternative Mixes 

  1. Scarlet
  2. All The Rage
  3. Criss Cross
  4. 100 Years Ago (Piano Demo)
  5. Dancing With Mr D (Instrumental)
  6. Heartbreaker (Instrumental)
  7. Hide Your Love (Alternative Mix)
  8. Dancing With Mr D (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
  9. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) – (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
  10. Silver Train (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)